My new project

I’ve started my next project in Blender ( I just love that software πŸ˜€ ) . Its a skull. I intent intend to finish it sometime…. next month maybe, or the month after that. πŸ˜† I expect to learn a lot about Blender through this project.

Here’s the reference image I’m using.

Reference image

And here’s a link that I found to get me started

Let’s see where this leads to.

My First Animation

This is the first animation that I’m posting. I’ve hosted the animation video on youtube. Don’t expect too much. Its just a badly textured bubblegum dude gingerbread man doing weirdo aerobics. πŸ˜† Cheers

PS:-Anyone know a place where I can upload the video. I have it as a quicktime movie.

PPS:-Don’t try those aerobics at home. πŸ˜†

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